Governor Edward Kavanagh

Edward Kavanagh

DATE OF BIRTH:  April 27, 1795
PLACE OF BIRTH:  Newcastle
DATE OF DEATH:  January 21, 1844
PLACE OF DEATH:  Newcastle
TERM IN OFFICE:  March 7, 1843 – January 1, 1844

QUOTE: Perhaps the brightest spot on the escutcheon of his public life was his influence and agency as one of the Commissioners of Maine in paving the way for the late important Treaty with Great Britain, by which agency and influence, the boundary between this State and her Majesty’s Dominions is permanently and clearly established.

The Brunswicker, February 22, 1844

OTHER ELECTED OR APPOINTED OFFICES: State Representative, Secretary of the Maine Senate, Congressman, Charge d’Affairs to Portugal, State Senator (Senate President), Chair of the Joint Select Committee on the Maine Boundary


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