Governor John Hubbard

John Hubbard

DATE OF BIRTH:  March 22, 1794
PLACE OF BIRTH:  Readfield
DATE OF DEATH:  February 6, 1869
PLACE OF DEATH:  Hallowell
PROFESSION:  Physician
TERM IN OFFICE:  May 13, 1850 – January 8, 1853
FIRST LADY:  Sarah H. Barrett

QUOTE: We establish our own forms of government; we enact our own laws. If we pervert or abuse this high prerogative, we are criminal and foolish; if we do not transmit such blessings to posterity, we are ungrateful to our fathers and unjust to our children.

Inaugural Address, May 14, 1850

OTHER ELECTED OR APPOINTED OFFICES: State Senator, Commissioner of the Reciprocity Treaty between the United States and Great Britain


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