Governor Israel Washburn, Jr.

Israel Washburn, Jr.

DATE OF BIRTH:  June 6, 1813
PLACE OF BIRTH:  Livermore
DATE OF DEATH:  May 12, 1883
PLACE OF DEATH:  Philadelphia
TERM IN OFFICE:  January 3, 1861 – January 8, 1863
FIRST LADY:  Mary M. Webster

QUOTE: If by striking the chains from the slaves of rebels, and destroying the property claims of traitors in black men, the war may be ended sooner than it can be if such claims are treated sacred and inviolable – and if, thereby, millions of treasure, and thousands of the lives of our brothers, the young, the gallant and the true, the pride and hope of the country, may be saved, they will demand and insist in tones that will be heard and respected, that the chains shall fall and the war cease.

Inaugural Address, January 2, 1862

OTHER ELECTED OR APPOINTED OFFICES: State Representative, Congressman, Collector of Customs for Portland


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