The Blaine Study

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The study is decorated with wallpaper that replicates a pattern which Blaine copied from Abraham Lincoln's White House study. Furnishings include the handsome mahogany desk and chair Blaine used as a member of the United State Senate, many of the statesman's books are contained in bookcases which fill one wall, and an inkwell surmounted by a seated statue of William Shakespeare. Above the fireplace hangs an engraving of Francis B. Carpenter's painting depicting Lincoln reading the Emancipation Proclamation to his cabinet. Encased in a glass frame attached to Blaine's Senatorial desk is a Blaine House treasure -- a small card dated April 7, 1865, allowing "the bearer Mr. Blaine to pass from City Point to Richmond and return," signed A. Lincoln. 

Allow the bearer Hon. Mr. Blaine to pass from City Point to Richmond and return. A. Lincoln, April 7, 1865 … Lincoln was assassinated x days later.

Octagon Room/Old Whale Oil Light

Home of Maine's Governors since 1919.
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