The Sun Room

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A major alteration during the 1919 remodeling was the creation of the sunroom from what had been an open porch. Another Priscilla Turner rug in use here was originally made for the State Dining Room. Furnishings of special interest include the granite fireplace, the large antique brass woodbox, and an Empire sofa flanked by end tables. Mrs. Blaine’s Octagon Table. Hanging over the fireplace is an 1887 painting by Agnes M. Leavitt of a Victorian summer cottage on Peaks Island in Casco Bay.

Also on display is the Maine Tourmaline necklace, which was made in 1977 by Addison W. Saunders of Ellsworth and given to the State by the Maine Retail Jewelers Association.

Home of Maine's Governors since 1919.
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