Office Moving

PRO Moving Service is uniquely qualified to handle all of your commercial moving needs. We’ve relocated thousands of office spaces over the years with projects ranging from entire multi-story office buildings to smaller one or two person operations. We have more office moving equipment than any other mover in the area. With over 300 4 wheel dollies, 50 panel carts, 1500 moving totes, dozens of 2 wheeled hand trucks as well as a multitude of specialty moving equipment like safe jacks, lateral file movers, Teflon sliders and heavy duty dollies in various styles, there isn’t a lot that we can’t handle. Our fleet of moving trucks and vans are perfect for all of the different accesses and applications we encounter. Our expertise in this field is really unmatched. PRO will always offer insights into the moving process for our customers and we’ll use our experience to make sure you get the most streamlined move possible. Give us a call and we’d love to talk about your project!