Office Furniture Sales and Refurbishing

PRO Moving Service sells new office furniture from Open Plan and Friant. The furniture lines offered by these vendors range from time tested to cutting edge in design and functionality. While we specialize in clones of the AO2 product each of these companies has come up with new approaches to the office furniture world. From benching applications to traditional case goods to sleek modern workstations, you can definitely find something for your space here.

For over 20 years we have been refurbishing cubicles to offer a lower cost, greener alternative for modular office furniture for our customers. Instead of taking old cubicles to the landfill we have created a system to re-fabric and repaint them, bringing them back to an almost new quality. In most cases our refurbished product would be indistinguishable from a new product. Because we have this piece in our business we are able to do a lot of customization with cubicles as well as other items. PRO has modified conference tables to meet new space constraints, re-sized wooden desks, created custom window panels(you’ve probably seen these at your local BMV) and even modified metal shelving for our customers.